Faux Crete Designs

In the past when someone mentioned concrete, no one got excited. Concrete was seen as dull and utilitarian. Today concrete’s role as a decorative option is being redefined.

Now an ordinary concrete slab can be stained and scored to resemble the luxury of marble, granite, or glazed stone. Old or deteriorated concrete can be made more beautiful and durable with overlays applied in a wide variety of finishes and colors. With over 30 different colors and unlimited designs, textures, and patterns to choose from, today’s builder and homeowner have endless design possibilities.

Acid Staining & Scoring

Reactive acid staining transforms an ordinary concrete slab into a beautiful and luxurious floor resembling marble, granite, or glazed stone. The combination of your concrete’s finish, porosity, and blemishes, and our color and finishing techniques result in each floor acquiring its own patina and personality. The addition of a scored pattern scaled to your room and taste ensures your floor will be one of a kind.

Stained and scored concrete is available for interior and exterior slabs in commercial and residential settings. Often used commercially, stained concrete provides a clean, up-scale look to retail stores, restaurants, and business offices. Recently the trend has shifted, and stained and scored concrete has been adopted by the residential building industry. Beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, acid stained concrete has become the finish of choice by many designers and homeowners.


Our ability to apply a thin layer of a proprietary hybrid polymer and cement mixture to any existing concrete surface gives today’s builder, designer, or homeowner virtually unlimited flooring options. Unlike conventional concrete mixes, polymer cement overlays can be applied as thin as a grain of sand or up to several inches thick without fear of de-lamination or product failure.

  • Thin Acid Stained Overlays
    Quickly becoming the most requested finish, FauxCrete Designs can take an old, scarred slab and apply a thin layer of polymer cement to create a new surface. We then acid stain the surface in single or multiple translucent colors to give the beauty of an acid stained floor where one could not have been achieved before. This allows acid stained floors to be installed during remodels or when a slab was not properly prepared during new construction.
  • Thin Stamped Overlays
    This is one of our most popular applications. Until now to obtain the look and feel of stone, slate, brick, and tile in a concrete surface you had to pour a new concrete slab and then stamp the new surface with embossing tools. Although this may be the ideal application for new concrete pours, what about already existing concrete surfaces? Thin Stamped Overlays are the answer!FauxCrete Designs can apply a ¼ inch layer of hybrid polymer cement over an existing concrete surface (new pour or old, deteriorated slab) then stamp the thin layered polymer cement material to give it the permanent and realistic look of stone, slate, and brick.
  • Trowel Down Slate Finishes
    These applications are alternatives to Thin Stamped Overlays,. Trowel down slate finishes create a textured decorative finish that rivals the look of conventional slate at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
  • Custom Interior flooring
    These applications may include extremely smooth or moderately textured finishes in virtually unlimited design combinations. Commercial grade sealer systems may be used to insure traffic wear ability. These applications are widely used in residential settings, casinos, shopping malls, offices, hotel lobbies, and retail stores.

Spray Textures & Knockdown Finishes

These are the traditional decorative resurfacing textures. Most commonly applied to pool decks, patio’s, and drive ways, they provide added beauty, durability, and slip resistance. With the use of stencil patterns the look of brick, stone, or slate can be achieved. While the look will be less authentic than overlays, the texture provides excellent slip resistance.

Decorative Scoring & Engraving

Utilizing some highly specialized cutting and engraving equipment, we can engrave decorative patterns into your existing concrete. As opposed to acid stained floors where the variegated colors provide the interest, decorative engraving adds intricate designs to your concrete. We specialize in straight line and circular brick designs, as well as border patterns and graphic designs. Durability is outstanding, as the patterns are actually cut into your concrete.